Brookmans Park Main Entrance

The Global Teleports NOCC is situated at Tolmers Park Farm, Newgate Street Village, Hertford about 17 miles from the centre of London UK.

Our network management system is a Vipersat Management System (VMS) for the three live worldwide teleports sites and Sat3PLay for the domestic broadband service simultaneously. The system allows the Global Teleports Technical and Operational control (TOC) team complete access to manage terminals anywhere in the world.

The modems may be operated in dedicated SCPC mode, or (for most efficient management of network resources) in bandwidth sharing based on application and data load using switched TDMA, DVB-S2 and NewTec’s patented MXDMA technology.

Thus occasional users are accommodated without us having to hold carriers open all the time. This effectively enables the network to better handle connection oriented applications and reduce network congestion whilst also optimising the use of space segment..

The VMS also allows for dynamic point to point connections to be established between remotes with a network. The result is an economical and flexible network with bandwidth shared and directed where it is needed for any mix of IP voice, video or data traffic. It also means that we are able to allocate any point within a network as the nominal hub communications hub for that network. (e.g the corporate HQ may be the nominated hub within a corporate network and may be assigned virtual management capability over that network).