Global Teleports’ mission is to supply best value, fit for purpose service.To achieve this we have chosen best in breed suppliers and calculate transmission parameters to allow greatest possible margin agains prevailing conditions.

To further ensure best value and reliability we have worked with our suppliers to develop the specific equipment that powers our VipNet range of services.

There are three options for the provision of equipment.

Our preference is to source quickly from our chosen suppliers here in the UK, configure and test the equipment during which we offer to train one or two of your staff in the operation of that equipment (as part of factory acceptance testing) prior to dispatching to you. However, we are aware that for some territories shipping from UK will incur additional costs due to import duties and other taxes (which may be punitive).

As an alternative to 1 above, You may locally source the equipment based on our specification and agreement. We will still offer factory acceptance testing as proof of concept here in the UK prior to your procuring the specified equipment which we will then assist you to configure and bring it on line. Once a terminal is commissioned we will then take control of its management from our network control centre. As a further alternative.

We will endeavour to source the specified equipment locally to you, using our quantities of scale always to secure the best price. Then, as above, we will assist you to configure the equipment and commission it and then take management control of your terminal from our NOCC. We may be able to help to off set the capital cost of the equipment with rental or leasing agreements, just come and speak with us.