Many potential customers come to us not knowing the full extent of their need for satellite communications.

To ensure the customers get what they need most cost effectively they are encouraged to use our consultancy services to:

– Conduct  feasibility studies, site surveys, demand analyses

– Liaise with suppliers and licensing authorities

– Review business plans

– Conduct technical analyses and audit of existing equipment

– Develop a theme

– Provide technical support during the procurement, installation and implementation phase of any project

– Analyse a requirement

– Review the marketplace to determine the best fit for purpose equipment / service to meet the identified need

The terms and conditions of our consultancy are determined by negotiation with the customer and we may be hired from only one day, a month,  or up to three, six, twelve or eighteen months.

Unlike many consultancies we do not ‘take up residence’, rather, the client only pays for the time we work.

If, within a consultancy period we are invited to deliver a solution to meet the determined needs of the client, then we credit the consultancy engagement fee to the professional fees associated with that project.