VipNet Broadband Services

Global Teleports offers a Branded portfolio of satellite communications services, supporting voice, data, telephony, internet and video communications. VipNet is synonymous with optimum service performance and quality in satellite communications, through its development by Global Teleports for highly demanding customers running mission-critical services even at the most remote locations on the planet.

While most satellite service providers have focused their efforts in offering low-cost services to mass-markets, Global Teleports invested in the development of cost – effective, high-performance services, using optimum bandwidth for highly demanding markets, such as the maritime, aviation repair (AOG), corporate, broadcasting, mining, military, construction and rural market places at very competitive pricing.

VipNet Options

  • Vip3Play Broadband  – a broadband delivery platform with fully managed quality of service for Data, Voice and Video services.
    • Domestic Options using 75cm diameter ka band dish with 2Watt BUC and domestic modem with 30 metre cable and point n play device POA
      • Vip3Dom5: For the Light user delivering 5GBytes per month at 20MBit/s POA
      • Vip3Dom15 For the SOHO business /  family users delivering 15GBytes per month at 20MBit/s with 2MBit/s return. POA
      • Vip3Dom25 For the small business / medium family users delivering 25GBytes per month at 20MBit/s with 2MBit/s return.  POA
      • Vip3Dom50 For the small network / large family users, delivering 50GBytes per month at 20MBit/s with 2MBit/s return. POA
    • Enterprise options using 98cm diameter ka band dish with 3 Watt BUC and Enterprise modem with 30 metres cable and point n play device POA
      • Vip3Pro25 For the medium business/network users delivering 25GBytes per month at 20MBit/s – 2MBit/s return with enhanced QoS. POA
      • Vip3Pro50 For the large business /small community delivering 50GBytes per month at 20MBit/s – 2MBit/s return with enhanced QoS. POA
      • Vip3Pro100 For the Business park / small community delivering 100GBytes per month at 20MBit/s – 2MBit/s return with enhanced QoS. POA
    • Vip3Play Options
      • VoIP is available on all of the above packages – see VipCall. POA
      • Freezone from Midnight to 6am during which time traffic is not metered. POA
      • Additional GBytes chargeable in arrears. POA
  • VipNet Value Added Network Services:
    • VipCast: an IP based, low latency, high resolution video relay platform using state of the art technology
    • VipLink: an IP based digital satellite news-gathering platform offering high resolution image uplink with minimal latency and optimised bandwidth
    • VipCall: our next generation IP telephony platform offering global connectivity with least cost routing and free calls between all phones on the same network
    • VipSign: our digital signage platform
    • VipRoss: our Roaming Oceanic Satellite Service offering seamless transition between satellite coverage
    • VipEvent: our occasional user “pop-up” service for festivals, shows and field events where a fast or superfast broadband service is required for a few days
  • VipNet Bespoke
    • Vip3Pro+ services at superfast speeds up to 155MBit/s in symmetric or asymmetric duplex configuration.
    • VipNet Traditional SCPC based services on our wholly owned, fully managed global platform offering C band, ku band and ka band coverage to suit your needs for Data, Voice and Video service.

The Benefits to You

  • Customised Global solutions,bespoke for each individual customers needs
  • Guaranteed quality of service, supporting multiple applications, including voice, data, internet and video
  • Each hub supports its regional market place, as well as supporting its part of the Global network
  • Service Support is available 24-hours a day, 7-days per week
  • Equipment inventory available for fast turn around