There are three good reasons why Digital signage is becoming the fastest growing advertising media around the world. VipSign is an overlay to the broadband network to enable:

– Point to multipoint advertising.
– Recovery of costs from advertising revenue.
– Simultaneous update of news and events for disaster recovery or other critical operations.

A few areas we have seen growth in digital signage use:Vipsign edited-1

Advertising: It conveys your message, information, or advertisements in a clear and simple way, quickly and effectively. First impressions count to get your message across.

Banking: As a means to communicate better with their customers and to win new customer business. While customers are queuing in line they can watch compelling messages about interest rates, new products and

Corporate: To keep staff happy, motivated and focused, communication is fundamental. Bringing staff the correct core information, entertainment and motivational messages, makes them feel part of the team.

Healthcare: One of the largest areas of waiting can be found in the healthcare sector. A more enjoyable wait for patients and companions can be obtained with display screens carrying a mix of latest news through TV feeds,health and welfare information, and maybe your own promotional content.

Hotels: Digital Signage in hotels is fast becoming the most popular way for the hotelier to inform guests of the facilities available to them. With flat screen displays in the guest rooms, lobbies, bars, restaurants and functions rooms, guests are constantly updated with the latest information.

Retail outlets: Digital Signage in the retail industry enables a retailer to control and display effective advertising quickly and easily. With the ability to use video, sound and scrolling text, Digital Signage can be
used instead of static print signs. Adding sound and movement, to advertise the retailer’s products, catches the eye of the consumer and definitely increases sales.

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