Global Teleports VipNet is an independent designed and fully controlled Branded satellite communications platform for customers with IP networking requirements in either or Star and or Mesh connectivity.

Star topo

VipNet is used today by highly demanding customers in many business arenas, including: Maritime, AOG, Construction, Gas & Oil production, Remote businesses, Broadcasting, Mining, Governments, International agencies and the military.

To balance quality of service against costs we have established four grades of service as follows:

An Un-contended service is delivered as our Platinum service capable of delivering Data, Voice and Video service.

Our Gold service delivers, Data, Voice and occasional Video with contention up to 5:1.

Our Silver service delivers Data, with occasional Voice service with contention up to 10:1.

Last, but not least:Our Bronze service is a Data only platform with contention up to 15:1.

Where we make reference to occasional services, these are available for upgrade, chargeable on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Otherwise, all grades are sold on a minimum Committed Information Rate (CIR) from which users will have the elasticity to burst to higher transmission rates on demand.

VipNet‘s benefits are:

– Two way communications using SCPC / SCPC.

– Data from 9.6kBit/s to 9.98MBit/s both ways.

– Bandwidth configuration is adjusted, according to each customers’ specific needs; you can start at a lower traffic profile (Bronze) and move to higher profiles (Silver, Gold or Platinum), according to the demands of your business.

Starmesh topoFull management of service using Vipersat Management System.

Voice, data, internet and video all supported with guaranteed Quality of Service: a) Better voice quality. b) You decide the priority of the traffic over your network for the maximum response times. c) Voice and Video service with automatically managed latency.

With international agreements for coverage to other parts of the World.

Point to Multipoint delivery in Star topology.

Single hop on demand mesh connectivity.

Operates with several types of antennas and in either Ku or C-band.

Service Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Equipment inventory available for quick delivery.

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