Missing Link Live had been asked to provide digital satellite news uplink for remote events. Using traditional VSAT service providers they were only able to manage an end to end latency of 13 seconds which as unacceptable to the market.

They approached Global Teleports for co-operation in September 2009 and in February 2010 we successfully uplinked a high resolution MPEG 4 video stream with AAC stereo audio embedded within a 1024kBit/s uplink channel and with end to end latency of less than three (3) seconds. Global Teleports provided the uplink VSAT as either a 90cm antenna with 5 Watts RF or 1.0 metre antenna with 8Watts RF and the signal was received on our 9.3 metre UK hub antenna on NSS7 satellite at 22degW.

The system was demonstrated to the BBC and declared to be “at least equal to i-player” but when considering the low power, small size and portability of the Global Teleports solution, these advantages are a function of the GTUK choice of large hub antennas within our network infrastructure. VipSign VipSign is a digital signage platform that may be configured for either SCPC or DVB streaming. CS4 above illustrates its application to a multi site / multi national corporate function to allow least cost participation in a private network. In that case accommodating simultaneous update of key information within an organisation.

In the general case VipSign can be deployed as an advertising platform and as such will generate revenue by the sale of advertising time within the stream.

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