VipCast is a satellite video transmission service that can be adjusted to the requirements of your company, Selected programme material via state of the art customer premises equipment to deliver:

– A High Resolution image

– Narrow Bandwidth

– H264 video with AAC stereo Audio

– Point to Multipoint delivery

– Programme selection from the point of delivery

Main applications:


– Educational TV

– Corporate TV

VipCast is delivered via Global Teleports own NOCC for permanent (24 hours), programmed (weekly) and occasional video transmissions. Video transmissions are uplinked to the satellite at Global Teleports centre of operations in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire England, with video programming being generated at your own studio or any of our 3 teleports. Uplink facilities can be deployed to suit customers needs, video streaming using technology developed by Missinglink which enables High Resolution scalable images to create an IPTV stream.

VipCast main benefits are:

– Service is available, according to your needs and your budget

– Program creation at Global Teleports NOCC , or any of our 3 Teleports or at the customers’ studio

– Creates a direct link between your corporate headquarters and remote offices throughout the country, making communications more agile and creating a unique corporate culture

– Receiving locations require only an inexpensive parabolic TV antenna

– Return channel when required – can be by Internet or satellite.

– Service Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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