Global Teleports developed VipCall , because for the first time in more than 100 years there is an opportunity to bring about a significant change in the way that business and people communicate.


In addition to being able to use the telephones we have today to communicate in real-time, we also have the possibility of using pure IP-based phones, including desktop and wireless phones.

With that in mind the VipCall platform has been designed for IP Telephony via satellite offering:

– State of the art SIP 2 managed platform.

– Free calls between all phones on the network with short code dialing.

– Bundle packages of fixed monthly charges with least cost routing for calls to the rest of the world.

– DDI number allocation to suit customer preference (i.e. National and regional numbers can be allocated to match site geography)

– Extension to GSM pico cell with 500m to 900m range offering the opportunity for call revenue sharing / cost recovery.

– Security authentication by username/password and IP address recognition.

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