In 2005 Global Teleports was invited to provide a 5 site network for a UK based medical clinic that was expanding rapidly and planning to go international with clinics in Australia within the next 12 months.

Their remit was a cost saving network that could accommodate their planned growth. Global Teleports proposed VipNet with VipCall and VipSign. VipNet provided Internet connectivity to all points in Uk hubbed in UK and in Australia out of our Adelaide hub. All sites within each country shared common bandwidth with lower contention and better availability than ADSL.

VipCall provided VoIP telephony between all clinics and thus saved the “hidden” costs of intra company telephony which was advised to have been £200,000 in the previous year. VipSign Enabled all clinics within the group to receive diary information and “Hot News” from the HQ site that enabled simultaneous update of all local databases.

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