Vip3Play is an affordable system that has been designed to deliver interactive Broadband via satellite using a wholesale business model. The network operator.

Global Teleports(NO) and our Internet Service Provider Partner/s (ISPP) Aberdeen TechnicalBoth NO and/or ISPP are looking to offer triple play (data, voice and television) services in areas where terrestrial broadband is not available or underserved at a competitive price.
Unsurpassed in flexibility and scalability, the Vip3Play network architecture is modular and allows several service providers to share the same gateway and infrastructure and satellite resources. (If you are an ISP and would like to become an ISPP and offer our services to your clients, then give us a call)

For maximum bandwidth efficiency and a true broadband experience for the domestic or small, medium business user, the system incorporates numerous advanced features such as DVB-S2 modulation and coding, rain fade countermeasures, end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms and industry-leading acceleration and compression technologies.

Thanks to an unprecedented design, the cost of the user terminal is kept below today’s most competitive satellite systems available on the market. Additionally, the installation of the antenna is so simple that it can be performed by untrained personnel using the manufacturer’s Point&Play® device. The terminal requires no configuration at all, further reducing the initial investment for each new subscriber. With the low terminal cost andPoint&Play® installation,Vip3Play really offers a state of the art solution with the lowest cost of ownership for the end user.

The unique concept of Vip3Play platform provides the means to establish an always-on two-way connectivity between the end-user and the Internet or a private network, therefore remaining completely independent from existing terrestrial networks.

The basic IP connectivity is extended with Quality of Service (QoS) in forward and return allowing the deployment of e.g. VoIP or video services.  A general view of the complete system is given in the diagram depicted below.

The Vip3Play platform terminal is also designed to support Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, and can optionally be used in conjunction with a standard DVB set-top box to receive radio, television and interactive television signals.

At the Vip3Play gateway hub, the Carrier Blade(s) provides the entire necessary infrastructure to receive and transmit IP data from and to the terminals. The Carrier Blade(s) manages the services offered to the customers, in terms of traffic shaping, acceleration and service level agreements. It can also connect to the Internet or to private data network(s). When a VoIP gateway is added it becomes possible to connect to a SIP infrastructure and PSTN network.

This internet connection can be used to provide video and audio content to the user or can provide the user with Internet access (browsing, email …). Value added services, such as pay TV, DRM based VOD or VOIP telephony, can be built on top of the Vip3Play platform and offers opportunities for our service provider partners.

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