GlobalTeleports transportable antennas are ideal for work personnel that need to deploy quickly and need connectivity with the rest of the world once they arrive.

The set up and activation of a transportable system takes no more than 30 minutes. After being used, the antenna is disassembled and stored in rigid cases.

We can supply Two types of transportable antennas which are:

a) Quick-assemble antenna ideal for transportation in cars, vans or trucks.

b) Fly-away antennas ideal for those who are traveling by plane. The antenna is packed in lightweight protective cases that can be dispatched on regular commercial flights.

Technical specifications:

1. Ku-band and C-bands.

2. Diameters from 0.3 up to 2,4m.

3. Compatible with TDMA VSAT, SCPC and broadcast systems 4.Support voice, data, Internet and video applications.

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