Our hubs are equipped with state of the art modems that use technologically advanced components, innovative designs and application software for superior performance and features.

1) Forward Error Correction (FEC) & Modulation:

The hub Modems support traditional and advanced methods of forward error correction to improve performance of error-prone channels.

They are:

SCPC The only way to ensure quality of voice and video service delivery.

DVB-S2 Provides near Shannon Limit performance over a wide operating range Low Density Parity Check Coding – Enables near Shannon limit performance and additional coding gain.

2nd Generation Turbo Product Coding Offers much lower delay than legacy FECs.

Selective Time Division Multiple Access with slotted or free running Aloha channel assignment to minimize bandwidth on the return path for network clusters.

Fast switched SCPC auto sensed from the packet headers, a dedicated SCPC channel will be allocated on demand for Voice or video traffic and for bulk of data greater than the STDMA assignment can manage. Switching is seamless with no interruption to service.

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The hub is also equipped with banks of demodulators for each inbound carrier either pre-assigned or on demand, from a remote site that requires it. Return link carrier sizes may be from 2.4kbit/s to 10Mbit/s dedicated continuous SCPC bit rates.
Cisco Router


Cisco Routers

The hub modems are connected to the internet via a Cisco router for worldwide terrestrial connectivity and VoIP access. Alone each offers co-ordinated control and management from our NOCC at Brookmans Park near London.

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