I met Roger Boddy when my company sent me to his facility for training. Roger was not the typical british wonk; Roger believed in his work and in VIPERSAT, and infected me with his enthusiasm for the system. Roger worked hard to turn his dream of an international teleport into a going concern, and is considered by many as an outstanding expert in his field. I believe in Roger, and the outstanding work he has done, and will continue to do. He is one of the premier satellite professionals in the United Kingdom, and in Europe

Grayouski Jones
VipNet Case Study 1 (Remote Locations)

Global Teleports™ VipNet service and its associated Value Added Network Services (VipNet VANS)

Provision of broadband band to the parts other networks can’t reach. VipNet has been deployed to provide internet at remote sites and at sea for full time and occasional use applications for the Aviation and Maritime industries when there was no other means of delivering INTERNET on site.

In the case of the Aviation industry we delivered VipNet with VipCall that enabled fixed monthly charging for Offnet calls and free calls for on net phones. Read more…

VipNet Case Study 2 (Maritime)

In the case of the maritime application we were called in May 2009 to deliver service to a vessel sailing off the coast of Brazil where the incumbent satellite service provider had been unable to deliver service for the previous 18 month. Read more…


VipLink Case Study 1 (Broadcasting)

Missing Link Live had been asked to provide digital satellite news uplink for remote events. Using traditional VSAT service providers they were only able to manage an end to end latency of 13 seconds which as unacceptable to the market. Read more…

VipLink Case Study 2 (Disaster Recovery)

Global Teleports has proposed VipSign in disaster recovery networks to enable low cost participation by points within a network that enables those points to be kept abreast of developments. Read more…


VipCast Case Study 1 (Broadcasting)

VipCast was designed to meet a need for high resolution, low latency and cost efficient transmission. Read more…


VipCall Case Study 1 (Remote Locations)

In 2006 Global Teleports was invited to provide a bespoke communications solution for the military in Afghanistan / Pakistan. Read more…

VipCall Case Study 2 (Cost Savings)

In 2005 Global Teleports was invited to provide a 5 site network for a UK based medical clinic that was expanding rapidly and planning to go international with clinics in Australia within the next 12 months. Read more…


VipRoss Case Study 1 (Maritime)

In September 2009 we were invited to provide service to a brand new super yacht to enable her to undertake her inaugural voyage from her shipbuilder in Holland to the Monaco Boat show where satellite service would be an essential sales tool. Read more…

We had a vessel which was due to commence operations in South American waters; Our then VSAT supplier had assured us of continuity of communications, based around a satellite coming on stream. Some 18 months later this service is yet to be made available to that supplier. However, we found this out the hard way, when the vessel arrived in South America.

We were fortunate to hear of Global Teleports, and made initial telephone contact.

We found an organisation who are confident, fluent in their subject and with a “just do it” approach to service-to-customer. No issue was too great. “No” is not a word in their vocabulary.

Global Teleports made it very clear what steps were necessary, and the associated costs in establishing viable communications. On agreement to commence service, we were on-line within 5 days, despite the distance and logistics.

As our vessel was working through the lower reaches of the Atlantic, where atmospheric and sea conditions made conventional VSAT services virtually non-existent, Global Teleports, through proactive monitoring of the quality of our service were able to achieve high levels of availability of our service, through being able to manage transmission power levels between the vessel and the satellite.

Through this proactive and competent management of our service, connectivity was achieved many miles outside of footprint.

As stated, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending any potential customer to Global Teleports. I am sure that they will be impressed with the reliable, high-value, hands-on approach, and excellent customer service that your organisation offers.

Nick Brown, Gardline Marine Sciences