Global Teleports (UK) Ltd

Global Teleports is a wholly privately owned company with no external debt that has grown to become a leading contender for global service delivery at short notice for short term and long term needs. Whether it is Audio in Afghanistan, Boats in Brazil, Data in Dubai, Disaster recovery in Dominican Republic, Super-yachts in Stockholm, Telephony in Tehran or Video in Venezuela, we have the answer and capability to deliver the right service to suit your needs.

Founded in 1998, Global Teleports owns the site license(s) with OFCOM, the lease on our HQ and an IP centric global infrastructure for hub operation in three countries to enable direct access to satellites over the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

We went live to satellite in 2001 and implemented our first global network in 2005, since when we have enjoyed steady growth year on year funded by re-investment of profits. We have set up wholesale agreements with SES Astra / Americom / New Skies/ Sirius, INTELSAT, Eutelsat, and RRsat and co-operation agreements with sister teleport operators to offer a resilient service. We have formed strategic alliances with strong partners with whom we can develop our service into new areas.

Where appropriate, we have set up subsidiary companies to enable an autonomous approach to new business. The benefit to the subsidiary is the availability of an established infrastructure without the associated build costs. Our subsidiaries are:

Support Air Global

Serving the Aircraft Industry SupportAir Global was set up in 2006 to provide telecommunications services to the aircraft industry for the repair of aircraft on the ground (AOG) in remote sites. Our partner SupportAir Ltd has invested in remote hardware to facilitate this service and has underwritten the cost of space segment in four satellite coverages to meet the initial needs of this challenging industry. To meet the demands of Support Air’s clients, we have developed VipNet with bespoke equipment and a new approach to occasional user operations. We have a proven ability to offer a cost effective service to an increasing number of aircraft manufactures.

Pneuma Global Networks

Provision of Telephony equipment and value added services. Pneuma Global Networks provides telephony service and equipment across the group and has a focus of promoting VipNet for disaster recovery applications. Since forming this alliance with Pneuma Data Solutions in November 2007 we have established strong supply lines and have developed and implemented the IP ‘Batphone’ network for Support Air Global.


Service to HM Forces – In November 2006 we were invited to develop a bespoke ISDN via satellite service for special services in the middle east war zones. Working with Open Networks Engineering of Bishops Stortford we developed a cost effective, portable solution that has now been commissioned into service in two war torn countries where it is delivering secure communications in the front line theatre of operations for HM Forces. More systems are under review and we are providing ongoing operations and maintenance support from our UK hub. We currently supply essential broadband internet via satellite to the Fire Crash and Rescue Service (FCRS) on Afghanistan’s Kandahar Airfield.

Our Coverage

Our coverage is truly global with service delivered through our own managed network of hubs in Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Europe and USA accessing geostationary satellites over the India, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in the following frequency bands:


Offering service to meet maritime and land based, private and / or corporate needs using 1.8 metre diameter antennas (min).


Delivering corporate and domestic solutions to all sectors with 98cm antennas (min). Offering both the traditional bandwidth (MHz) based and new “through put” (GBytes) based tariffs with competitive rates to suit all needs.


75cm diameter antennas with ka band or ku band facilities from as little as £16.00 per month (subject to contact).

Our service platform is not sector specific. Being IP based we can deliver any IP based service and do for the Airline repair, Banking, Emergency services, Education, Finance, Hotel, Leisure, Military, News, Science, TV and Video sectors. Rather than impose a “one size fits all” solution for our clients, we have developed a portfolio of managed services to cater for all options and requirements and are happy to innovate for those who need something special. If your needs or wants are covered above you may want and need us to submit a quotation. So, please call +44 1707 648310 or email or “contact us” via the website to find out more.